Monthly Archives: May 2006

heres sumthin i wrote when i ws feelin nostalgic about school…..

Through the looking glass……..

Come streaming back,
As I look through the window into the past.
Yesterday is a portrait,
Splashed onto the canvas of the mind,
Baring everything,
For all to see.

I look back and try to remember.
A child looks up,
From the cauldron of recollections.
A face wrought with uncertainty,
Unsure of the world he is being thrust into,
Clutching desperately at loved ones….
A face looms over,
A visage of love,
And holds his hand.
The journey has begun.

Five years hence.
The child has grown.
Boundless energy,
Waiting to be channeled.
Uncertainty replaced by surety.
Awaiting another transition.

Four years pass.
We see him again..
The change is palpable,
Adolescence is evident.
Surety paves the way for confidence.
And then he knows….
He has changed.

The journey nears its end,
A chapter draws to its close.
He readies for a final farewell,
Realizing what he has to abandon.
The world beckons,
And as he strides out with poise,
He comprehends,
All he has now are memories….
Pressed between the folds of his mind,
To cherish forever.
And ever.


stuff n nonsense

omg i don bliv how bored i am…..this is totally frustratin………nothin to do……… am i goin to spend anothr mnth????
ppl say kgp is a villag…bt i don care……thts th kind of life i like…tho i sure would like a multiplex around …..
and arjun singh is totally dumb.,.just oz students are a political non entity he blives he can do anytin to get sum friggin votes…i mean wats th point….hell prbbly be a political nthin by the time he comes up for reelection…and th congress will b voted out anyway…and wat is he givin 27%quotas on?? a 1931 census?????? this guy has totally lost his bearings(mayb old age is gettin to him…finally)
hmmm until i feel th need to let off steam again….