stuff n nonsense

omg i don bliv how bored i am…..this is totally frustratin………nothin to do……… am i goin to spend anothr mnth????
ppl say kgp is a villag…bt i don care……thts th kind of life i like…tho i sure would like a multiplex around …..
and arjun singh is totally dumb.,.just oz students are a political non entity he blives he can do anytin to get sum friggin votes…i mean wats th point….hell prbbly be a political nthin by the time he comes up for reelection…and th congress will b voted out anyway…and wat is he givin 27%quotas on?? a 1931 census?????? this guy has totally lost his bearings(mayb old age is gettin to him…finally)
hmmm until i feel th need to let off steam again….


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