Poring over the past………..

I wrote this one for our magazine in school..We were given a choice to write on either the past or the future…..I dont know why i chose the past…..but it just clicked….Maybe it was because the past is always something you want to leave behind and not think about…maybe its because remembering what happened years ago is sometimes very painful.But reflection is a way to get to know yourself better. The past is dead and buried and nobody can change that, but to totally ignore a part of our lives is definitely not the way to go..

As misty as a winter morn.
Images in black and white
Come streaming back.
The unseen hand moulds and crafts,
As trials and tribulations leave their mark.
Yesterday has come and gone,
Experience is it’s only reward.
Time Flows.
Dusk descends.
A new day begins.


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