A typical monday for me goes something like this:

morning 7 am:::
one eye pops open as the !@#!@# alarm rings…i grope with one hand and set it on snooze…the eye closes up again…..5 mins later…..its the alarm again…i pik it up and heave it towards the window…thn realiztion dawns..tht things expensive, not exactly sumthing ud want to throw 3 floors down…hrumphhhh…..so i ahve to get up>????? one eye pops open again and mentally reviews th timetable….clss frm 7 30 to 5 30….damn no hope thr…..sumthing pulls at me frm th subconcious…it’s the beautiful woman from the beach…ahhhhh, now thats something to look forward to…..but hten suddenly its like the world is crashing down on me…..WTF???? it was the guy in the room next to mine. Apparently he had an early class and thought he was doing me a favour by waking me up….@#$!$!# SOME PPL!!!!!
so it was grudgingly off to class then….5 hrs later and half dead i was in the mess…my hunger evaporating at the sight of the food……A few more expletives directed at no one in particular, and with the food in my protesting stomach, i was off to algorithms lab. And of course i was there for the entire 3 hours looking for suitable objects to bang my head against ( implement heap sort ????? might as well have been written in greek and latin..)….\2 hrs more of lectures….by now i was immune…and i dragged myself back to the hall and collapsd in a heap….


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