One of those moments.

I was just in one of those moods you can say, when evry1 was my target. I did’nt have any special reasn to think about SF 2006, but yet, there it was, nagging at my subconcious. As i said it was just one of those days….
I am always being nagged about my inability to look at the lighter moments in life..Well ppl you had to be thr (SF 06) to witness yours truly in all his glory…..
for the uninitiated, Spring fest at IIT kgp is an opportunity for the perennially frustratted junta here to feast their eyes on members of the fairer sex (again for those not in the know..the sex ratio here is something like 20:1…u get th point)..Anyway getting back to the point..I was a volunteer (henceforth referred to as volu) for the spring fest news agency. I was told that it was the best way to meet girls during SF, the tag line being something like this “hi, I’m from the spring fest news agency. Can i have a few sound bytes from you girls?…”. And voila…the perfect conversation starter. And aiding me in all this was my volu card (of course) and i kept it as noticeable as possible .
And of course there were my new found friends (read vultures) who after gettign to kno about the power of the “card” stuck to me like leeches, and pestered me for it, some even going as far as offering me treats for a few minutes as a reporter of the SFNA. One such friend of mine, who shall only be referred to as AK (being safe in the knowledge that he probably will never read this blog, othrwise it is curtains for me!!) finally wangled the card from me (after much cajoling and some threatening ) and headed off in the direction of the largest group of girls he could find. I watched from a distance as he used my card and struck up a conversation with them, and pretty soon there was quite a bunch of guys hovering around AK.
Suddenly yours truly had a brainwave (its true i dont have a lot of those but…) . I walked up, cool as a cucumber, poked my head in between the gathering (in which AK was having quite a lot of fun posing as me!!) and said “AK, can i have my card back now??iv been looking for you for so long…”. And faster than you can say scram, there was no gathering, the boys having careened off in different directions, and the girls nodding their heads at the audacity (desperation?) of us guys..and as the dust settled i was left holding the card…
Of course i got A grand GPL right in the middle of the arena but it was worth it..AK, thnx for the opportunity…you gave me the chance to pull of one of the biggest coups….Damn that had felt gooooood..I hope there are no hard feelins mate….As someone said…Shit happens….


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