Two movies, Saket, and a humongous headache

Statutory warning: DO NOT watch corporate.
Yes, the much awaited second movie from madhur bhandarkar definitely fails to live up to expectaions and i learnt it the hard way..i have a good mind to sue the hindustan times for giving it 3.5 out of 5 (that was the prime reason i dragged myself to pvr saket, and of course there was this friend of mine who brainwashed me into believing that this was an awesome movie) 3 hrs and 150 bucks later i stepped out feeling like a complete fool and with a good mind to strangle that friend of mine…..adding to the boring movie were the damn seats at saket…it has like the worst seats in the NCR….
oh yeah, i mentioned another movie..It was superman returns, and contrary to the title i did not watch it at saket..The movie was particular storyline..but the action sequences were spectacalar and there were scenes in 3d too!(it was my first 3d forgive the xcitement) and the hall(IMAX) was much much better than pvr saket..
ciao for now!(what an ending!!damn im losing my touch..i think its writers block!!damn!!


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