Love Actually

I dont know if its these high emotion romantic type movies that i have been watching lately (read notting hill and associated genres), or if its just a hormonal rush thats kicking in, i have finally seemed to realize how love works, thanks in large to a movie called Love Actually.
First of all about the multi threaded storyline which then culminates in one fantastic climax. the movie begins with an overview of some of the main characters and the problems they are facing in their own life. the movie then quickly settles in to the feel good holiday mood and serves up some great moments, defining love in all its very diverse forms and how far people are willing to go to find that one true love of their life, or how many chances people are willing to take in the hope that this one will be just right.
I came out of these three hours a changed man (might be taking it a little too far but I’m feeling really GOOD right now) and looking upon life in adifferent perspective.
My Rating 9.5
My Advice MUST watch


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