For all those who have taken this course you might identify with what im about to say (or rather write).

today our class was about “Learning”. Yes, it isnt a typo or anything. What the prof told us today put a whole new dimension on the meaning of learning.

We started of normally enough. I mean as normal as a morning class can be. Prof trying to teach, students trying to sleep with their eyes open and the lot. But we soon stepped into uncharted territory.

It all started with a dog. The prof was trying to explain how learning works with an example. There was a dog. In a cage. The experiment started with some food being thrown into the cage. “What will happen?”, he asked. “the dog will eat the food”. Prof (visibly excited) “exactly. now what if we ring a bell before we feed the dog each time?”. “the dog will eat”. Prof (exitement dimming)”yes yes but apart from that ?”. A low voice from the back of the room : “itll probably need a poop”.

Prof (visibly put off by the lack of response) ” then we will see that whenever we ring a bell and dont give the dog food, it will still be expecting the food. Then what do we have?” Another murmur “one highly pissed of dog!”

<Cackles of laughter>

Prof (unfazed) “so we have seen how the dog can be trained to expect certain things if we condition it in the proper manner. Now in a variation of this experiment, if we put the dog in a cage and give it a shock at regular intervals.”

Three distinct murmurs:

“bechaare kutte ki to le li…”

“are yaar kutta apne pichle janm ke paapon ka prayaschit kar raha hai..”

“Now hes gone too far, Im calling in Menaka Gandhi and the PETA guys. Thatll teach him a lesson…and maybe paris hilton will adopt the poor dog.”



7 thoughts on “HS20002

  1. manGO

    Kya majak hai … so where does the learning com in???
    waise u hav developed quite a nack for quoting direct speches in ur won … i remember the one with cell fones in exam hall

    just one thing .. why does wordpress need my mail id necessarily … its star marked

  2. Anish

    hehehe .. kanhirampadam is the name of my “Taravaadu” .
    I hope you were not refering to ‘immaculate homogeny’
    yours truly,
    AlCapone 🙂

  3. HellFragger

    abe this happened when i was there….this dog and learning thingy….SS Das tha ya koi aur i dont remember…but i do remember this experiment….but u are writing about this now (i mean feb’07)


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