That’s what i though too. until I got here at least.

Due to a wonderful system called CAS, I no longer have the joy of watching cable, instead having to contend with channels from the length and breadth of India and the globe which have nithing to offer, No espnstar, no star movies, no HBO, no star world. Instead I switch between a plethora of regional channels and thousands of B-grade news channels (and yes i do mean B-grade) carrying stories about everything from your friendly neighbourhood vamp to your local “MLA taking bribe” scandal.

What the HELL am I supposed to watch????

My biggest disappointment was not being able to watch Manchester United’s charge towards another historic treble. But I think I’ve solved that problem at least. Due to an excellent Interenet site, I’m able to watch live internet TV streams at almost the same quality. Long live underground sites!

Oh, and I almst forgot to mention my Internship. Yes, yes I got myself mixed up in an academic project :(. Big mistake as it’s turning out. I’ve had to cancel all my trips and the prof isn’t even paying me.


I HATE holidays!!!!

PS: all you uys who are enjoying their 2 mnths off, please refrain from commenting and adding to my misery………..


4 thoughts on “Holidays?

  1. Vinayak

    I will refrain from commenting…

    PS – try solving rubik’s cube when bored… in fact, try solving it in less than 9 minutes 26 seconds…

  2. Aditya

    i will also refrain form commenting…
    if you happen to be in iitb, go enjoy urself in the go-karting
    or go and have a BaskinRobbins

  3. HellFragger

    You know me well…and i wont refrain from commenting…so here it goes…i miss u here…u took a project thats nice….but u are in a worng environment to do it 😉

    Also if u think proffs pay you for projects….ua re mistaken….ask the FT-guys;they probably had to lay their ass on table !!!

    As for Cable dilemna….well bear up with it….get a T1 connection if ur dad allows and u are in heaven !!!
    take care sweeto…


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