The Perfect Face

I never thought I would see a perfect face, but apparently I thought too soon.

Meet Cobie Smulders, aka Robin from the hit TV series How I met your mother, and the woman half the world (including me) is in love with.

That face is pure bliss….



14 thoughts on “The Perfect Face

  1. WolfgangReturns

    I confirm that your writing it’s correct. She has the Perfect Face. Nice, sweet, attractive… Perfect.
    Goods from Spain!

  2. shishir

    The face is perfect….but it is not changing….after a while…its gonna get monotonous….n then…one fine day,..u r gonna hate it… 🙂

  3. Gaurav

    i agree dude… perfect it is. and she acts ok too… i wish she was the mother but she isnt. to top robin, the mother will have to be just out of this world which she wont be and we will all be disappointed.

  4. ALL

    I agree, she is really very beautiful, maybe the #1 in my list.

    P.S. – No she is not the mother, Ted already said that in second ep of the first season.


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