Batman Resurrected

Perhaps THE most hyped movie of the summer, and boy did it live up to it’s billing. You don’t get to the top of the IMDB charts without having something special. If there were doubts about the health of the batman franchise (even after the superbly crafted Batman Begins), the caped crusader in his new dark avatar has become the darling of masses and critics alike.

First of all, I won’t say anything about why it should or should not be at the top of the IMD top 250 list. As I said, I expected a lot from the movie and it didn’t disappoint, and in the end, cristopher nolan had me begging for more. This is one of the darkest movies that I have seen in a long time. It makes no pretensions, everything is ripe and in your face. Nolan doesn’t try to cover up the evil in his characters, and that adds to the overall effect.

I have to admit, after the first hour or so, I had begun to think that “The Dark Knight” would be unable to keep up the pace built up in Batman Begins. But the last one and half hours had me stuffing my words right back where they came from. The final sequences in the movie are exquisitely crafted, the pace is frenetic, each scene merging with the next in an avalanche of situations, none of which seem out of place. The shots come together seamlessly, and you can feel yourself gripping your seats and asking, begging, for more.

Heath Ledger as the joker delivers THE best (yes you heard me right) performance of a villain in a superhero movie to date. The joker went from the not so friendly neighborhood clown to the psychotic no-holds-barred killer that Ledger portrayed with absolute perfection. No one will ever see the joker in the same light again. Ledger was indescribably brilliant. Our dark brooding knight played by Cristian Bale delves deeper into his alter ego’s character and brings up previously unseen characteristics.

So do I want more? Definitely. And so do a billion other fans. Bring on the sequel!


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