I can still recall

I can still recall
the twinkle in your eyes
the twitch of your nose
the curl of your lips.

I can still recall
the sunshine in your hair
the sound of your laugh
the touch of your hand.

I can still recall
the smiles we shared
the walks we took
the moments of bliss.

I can still recall
Your every move
Your every word
Your every breath.


24 thoughts on “I can still recall

  1. Murthy

    Okay I see what’s going on. Myth is paying DC for all the publicity and attention for his romantic stunts.

    Dude Myth, I am a cheaper option. Here’s the tariff (bucks for publicity per person) :

    Status message : 50 paise
    Blog : 1 buck
    RP : 40 paise
    Complete SN : 5 bucks
    SN juniors : 1 buck
    SN seniors : 25 paise
    Prof ki betiyaan : 3 bucks

    Outsourcing employee : Dharmraaj & Co


  2. sheekha

    @ myth: for a particular someone we might know free publicity definitely 😀 (i.e. if you agree its dedicated to that particular someone)

  3. mythun Post author

    @aggu : Thank you
    @Murthy: I’m not paying DC, and although your rates are good, DC does it for free 😛
    btw prof ki betiyaan? really?
    @Akshay 😀
    @Singh: Yeh to mere ko bhi pata hai (sigh)
    @sheekha: Kaun particular someone?

  4. sidzoo

    Hmm, blank verse.
    Has an, umm, interesting effect, in spite of the lack of a rhyming scheme. It’s pretty damn good, really. You have to give me lessons some time.
    Also, who’s the lucky(?) girl(?)


  5. mythun Post author

    @zoo, yup blank verse is what I write mostly (rhymings too hard :P)
    and thank you of course, btw the title is inspired from an abba song…

  6. Murthy

    Dude , rates ain’t cheap. Its per person mind you.
    And Prof ki betiyaan is your call, not mine [:D]

  7. Anup Bishnoi

    really didn’t like it. so cliched. just an arrangement of beautiful sounding words and commonly acknowledged beautiful things about a girl. this is so not heartfelt. as if a computer read all the romantic poems there were and spilled out this.

    phew. i wasn’t even going to comment u knw but u asked…

  8. mythun Post author

    @Abhay, tera blog hi inspiration tha
    @Molletti I’m not eve going to try replying to that
    @ Bishj
    I didnt ask
    But thanks for the heartfelt comment. I’m not as random as you are, and I guess that shows in what I write. Your poems are a random stream of consciousness, just like you, something this poem failed to achieve

  9. Baffling

    I can still recall
    Your every move
    Your every word
    Your every breath.

    Every breath you take
    Every move you make
    Every bond you break
    Every step you take
    Ill be watching you

    Go Myth!!!! 🙂


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