How do you pass the time when youre on a long train journey with no company?

1. Sleep: First choice for me, but unsuitable for those who are averse to cramped spaces, incessant jerks, and a constant “chug chug” sound. But for those who can brave this, a nightout the day before and an upper berth makes forΒ  a perfect combination.
2. Read: But again theres only so much of your reading that you can catch u on when the book and you are moving on two disjoint axes.
3. Music: An iPod can be a godsend, (I typed much of this on mine πŸ˜› in hour 1 of my lonely trip back to KGP)
4. Ogle: Statutory warning: can cause risk to life and limb. Also severely restricted by the random selection of travelmates you have around you (I somehow always seem to end up with families, and no there are never any pretty girls around.Β  :|)
For those who want to give this a shot and want a strictly algorithmic approach, read Vinayak’s blog. He doesnt have a post dedicated to this, but the way he approaches the vagaries of life (taking a crap, chappals and the like) should give you some inspiration. To add my two cents read this/
5. Text random people: The girl you’re eyeing in college. The chaddi dost you havent talked to in a while, Random cousin. Hot female you met on internship. The guy on the next seat. Whoever. Its fun.
6. Write: Its what I did :).
7. Sudoku! Carry the days newspaper along. Sure fire way to spend an hour.

any more ideas on how to spend time are welcome.


10 thoughts on “

  1. anirbansaha

    πŸ™‚ sleeping and ogling an option when i get the top berth! texting people less of an option coz of low balance! delete the idea of calling them!
    the kind of talkative i am… i try talking to the guy/gal beside me.. about topics random!
    and trust me interaction is the best way if he/she is of your age group… (and specially if its a she!)

  2. Ashish

    Somehow pretty girls never travel on the days that we choose to travel and even if they do they are not within a 10 m diameter. Sometimes I feel like there is some sort of restraining order from God :))

  3. marsboy

    another gr8 option is to go to the door and put your head out and enjoy the breeze at 80-90 kmph hitting ur face. U can do a lot of thinking during this time. can spen hours .. preferably done during the night time.. whn its dark πŸ™‚

  4. Vinayak

    So sweet of you to mention my blog… πŸ˜€

    Also, a few more ideas –

    1. Go to a neighbouring compartment at night when everyone’s sleeping, shout at the top of your voice and run away.

    2. When you sms random people, try convincing them that they’ve got a spider in their ear.

    3. Masturbate. It will add a new item to your ‘places I have masturbated at’ list.

    Oh and by the way, ogling at females in a train compartment is tricky. May be I should write a post on it after all… Hmm…

  5. mythun Post author

    @anirban and ashish : yup no pretty girls πŸ˜›
    @marsboy, yes on locals. besides it was raingin
    @afro: phbbbt
    @ritwik: no dont start
    @vinayak: I dont have a list like that. ewwwwww

  6. sukadeb

    Well I agree about the idea of hanging out of the door and ejoying the breeze. I have quite a good amount of experience of travelling alone as I have to go to meet my girlfriend in chennai from kgp every semester once. Try to listen to other people talking and try passing comments which are definitely gonna piss them off ( in your mind of course ). Reading novel is not a good idea due to so much relative motion between the book and your eyes. And reagrding chicks I think everybody is in the same condition. I usually end up in bogie with nobody aged between 10 to 30. Several times there are couples with crying babies or snoring old people around me. Lets see how my next trip goes. I will definitely post it here.

  7. mythun Post author

    @ suka

    As I said, its something about us that compels the gods to keep all the girls away from us. I get lots of crying babies somehow.

    The comment passing idea is very good, but I’m not very good at eavesdropping. I always get the feeling that somebody is watching me πŸ˜›


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