Art, Freedom, and the new India

Well here we go again. Another reminder that artistic freedom has no value in this country. Read this Mumbai Mirror. Karan Johar apologizing to Raj Thackeray (yeah he’s the guy who says Maharashtra is for Marathis, all others please clear out, oh but he didn’t use the “please”) for using the Bombay instead of Mumbai in his latest movie Wake up Sid.

I wouldn’t have expected someone of the stature (yeah hes rich and famous) of Karan Johar to apologize for something like that. Last time I checked, it isn’t a crime to say Bombay (maybe in a warped MNS ruled Maharashtra, but thankfully we haven’t had to endure that yet). It doesn’t set the right example. What I would have done if I was Karan Johar was said “Fuck. Off.”

Maybe a little more politely (but only maybe).

Whats next? I get skewered for saying Bangy? or Madras? or Calcutta? (shudders)

Yes we read about this all the time. The zealots who burn down theatres. Raid art galleries. And generally take the moral high ground on matters that they dont have any authority over. And what we see even more often is the powers that be pandering to such sort of vandalism. That, in my opinion, is the sad part.

Mr. Karan Johar. Sad hai yaar. Kaafi sad.


7 thoughts on “Art, Freedom, and the new India

  1. Smartyboy

    My question is, if you had to die. Matlab HAD choice…wud u die for saying “Fuck off” or wud u choose smthn diffrnt??

    Apart from that poorly cnstructed repartee to a particular point in ur post…I cmpletely agree wid u…I cannot understnd how on God’s (now partially) green Earth any sane man not held at gunpoint and not under any personal debt of dese goons cud support nyone hu’s name ends wid thackerey…

    It is laughable actually…both Raj and d new guy…wteva his name maybe are cartoonists…CARTOONISTS….hw dey manage to make ppl take dem criusly is beyond me. Next we noe..RK Laxman is going to issue a fatwa saying India mei sirf TOI hi bikega….Asian Age padhne waale Asia mei jaao. WTF!

    Of all d stupidity dat abounds in India..I loathe dis ‘Mumbai panaa’ the most. I have actually seen a guy throw an iron at another person fr sayin mumbai sucked. Fr a city dats slimy, underdeveloped…flooding at d drop of a hat…having roads made of tiles…wid every distance by roads a minimum of 1.5 hrs on a gud day…hus police is perhaps d Most corrupt of ALL time in d entire world….can be defended by people so vehemently…is another of life’s mysteries…perhaps offense is the best defense if u r a ‘mumbaikar’.

    Digging pitches, beating up couples, threatening to destroy anyone who says ‘Bombay’… dese are d kind of cheap gimmicks dat mumbai parties resolve to…dey have take regional politics to the narrowest level possible…dey are now event based political parties…wid dere major event being Valentine’s Day…sub-events…(which are hard to come by now on account of the fact that the Indian govt hs taken a “tough” stance of nt letting Pak play crcket in India) include india pakistan matches…n males and females widin touching distance….

    But wid dwindling instances of d same…it was time to enter d 21st century…a better xcuse to invite d ever wehla army of young males and females spawned by dis megamillion horrific disaster that is the 24 hr news channel…or beter still..d 24 hr BREAKING news channel…ppl wid mics and cameras will reach every manhole, every pothole, every suicide worthy terrace, every dirty water giving tap and finally every thackerey goon who says ‘Jai Maharashtra’ after every word and mouths off abuses and threats to any remotely half assed celebrity.

    Its just pathetic. M so angry my blood is boiling. Oh no…dats just my laptop fryin my balls. Shit.

    In conclusion…u cud hv written so much more on dis topic…n so cud I….but in d interest of my future generations. Peace Out.

    PS: I watched Kaminey today…wich as u mite noe…has a related side angle…

  2. mythun Post author

    Whew, this is a whole another blog post you have. But I agree completely. On all points. Even the fry your balls part. 😛

    And yeah lots of could have written so much more. But I dunno why theres no criticism of KJ in the national media (none that I have come across anyway). Or is it just that everyone has decided that MNS ka kuch nahi ho sakta?

    Also, sab peace maar denge to, to quote, “Who will do?”

  3. Aditya

    UN released a report whose statistics are in all newspapers about a week ago:

    3% of all humans migrate, 7% of all Indians migrate from their basic place of birth/origin…

    and says “this migration is healthy for human civilization”

  4. Kumar Ritwik

    Well, the fuck off attitude works when you can sit in your room and comment … and while in no way I support KJ’s apology … i understand where it is coming from. When you have millions riding on your movie … you wouldn’t want these hooligans screwing you up for nothing … for all it’s worth, I wonder if KJ even cares for his apology as long as he is raking in the moolah … so all’s fair (except the stupid Mumbai thing, of course :P)

  5. mythun Post author

    That is exactly my point. I cant do anything other than write random blogs. But he could have. All he had to do was take the road less taken. Come on not like he cant take a flop movie. Whatever his reasons, he more than anyone else could have taken a stand. and he chose not to.

  6. Ashish

    Saying fuckoff is easy because you are not KJ 😛
    He has millions riding on the movie and max collections come from Mumbai region. Saying sorry was a smart choice however dumb, cowardly or unconstitutional it seems to people.


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