Movie review: Road to Sangam

I havent reviewed a movie for a long time, probably because I haven’t watched that many lately. But I happened to chance on Road to Sangam. It is based on an incredibly simple premise, duty before everything, and yet pushes the boundaries of a done-to-death national unity theme. It offers us the perspective of Hasmatullah, portrayed wonderfully well by Paresh Rawal, a mechanic who is pushed against the wall and forced to choose between his duty, and what people say is his duty to his religion. If I say more, I’ll probably spoil the plot (even more than I have done now.) Suffice to say that the dialogues, the way Paresh Rawal goes about building his character and some very good story flow, make this an interesting watch.
And what the movie has done is make me fall in love with the idea of India. All over again.


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