Bucket List

Decided it was high time I created one. (and on the sly claim to have updated my blog for the first time in 6 months)

This is a dynamic list, and I will keep adding stuff when it catches my fancy.

1. Skydiving: On the list even before ZNMD – and done as well – London Oct 2010 😀

2. Bungy: Macau seems to be the best bet for now.

3. Manali- Leh – Srinagar on bike – Must do for adrenaline geeks, the small amount of time I spent on bike in Leh set the tone. Also a 10+ day hike on the frozen Zanskar river (tad too ambitious maybe, but what the heck)

4. Update : 15 Oct 2011: One of those awesome drives down a US coastline or across Europe, yet to crystallize this one, but its on the list as well.

Any more crazy ideas for this list?


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