Favourite Movies

Here’s a rating of almost all the movies I have seen on a scale of 10. Some of those which are clearly above the rating system are on top.

Myth’s All time favourite movies
v for vendetta
remember the titans
kill bill
last samurai
la confidential
city of god
the departed
sin city
man from earth

we are marshall——from the ashes we rose
simpsons movie—total timepass
american gangster——–strong nice work
juno ๐Ÿ™‚
snatch ๐Ÿ˜€
monty python and the holy grail 7
groundhog day 8
atonement 9 (climax+music)
city of god 9.5
michael clayton 8.5
johnny gaddar 7
persepolis 8.5
sin city 9.5
man from earth 9.5
310 to yuma 9
four weddings and a funeral 8.5
notting hill 9.5
der untergang 9.0
matchstick men
oldboy 9.5
live free or die hard
little miss sunshine 9.0
american history X 9.5
fast times at ridgemont high
in the name of the father
pans labyrinth 9.5
hotel rwanda 9.5
taken 8.5
good will hunting 8.0
max payne 8.0
madagascar 2 8.5
stand by me 9.0
lock stock and two smoking barrels 9.0
bridge to terabithia 9.0
eastern promises 9.0
in bruges 9.0
monster house 7.0
Tropic Thunder 9.0
fargo 8.5
black friday 9.0
bolt 7.0
surfs up 8.0
devil wears prada 8.0
quantum of solace 7.0
slumdog millionaire 7.5
10 things i hate 7.5
braveheart 8.5
the reader 7.0
bugs life 8.5
Dev D 7.5
Doubt 8.0
Gladiator 9.0
Inglorious Basterds 9.5
LA Confidential 9.5
The Dark Knight: Respect.
The Motorcycle Diaries 9.5


2 thoughts on “Favourite Movies

  1. Smartyboy

    Bhosad..pichle dus saal ki saari movies toh likh di tune. Ab bachaa kya hai?

    Oh waaah waah…na Matrix likhi hai..na Gladitor…na Troy…

    N Juno is above rating?!? u clearly have a pregnant fetish!


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