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The Wing

301: Anuj Gupta

Anuj has relinquished his spot as the epicenter of all things green. That seed now grows somewhere in DFE. He has now found a pastime as a serial entrepreneur. After T shirts and a partnership with Pan IIT 2k9, his latest mission: Bringing light to rural India. At the time of writing, Anuj is on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange unveiling his startup. As the rest of us spring forth into corporate bastardness, this guy has been there and done that.

PS: He sure can throw a party, Mr. Fidditch will vouch for that.

302: Mithun Madhusudan

Sometime over the last year Mythun decided to expand his playing field. Not content being the darling of the wing, he reincarnated himself as Badass Babykutty on facebook and had boys (and girls) swooning all over him. No wonder his “Pehla Nasha” hit a half century of intoxicated fans. Now if only this virtual affection could be realised.

The wobbly head not-withstanding, since being cute (and rich) was not good enough, he actually thought that a guitar will help him get lucky. Sadly he is still single. At least he has gotten over his mallu-phelia and has put a half-way-around-the-world-long-distance on the table.

All in all, Mr. Best All-rounder of the hall has conquered pretty much everything. We wish him best on his trail to conquer the fairer sex. Maybe the chinkies will bring you luck.

A usual practice for him these days includes giving “high” funda sento sessions to juniors (and batchmates). Most of the time he repeats the same story (of how he came to Patel) and asks the same feedback question: “Would you rather to be in any other hall”. But ab bande ka sento hai to hai!

PS #1: Since orthopedic surgeries turned out to be quite expensive he took his chances with the cardiology department. (@myth: I couldn’t get it any subtler.)

PS #2: Daal mein obviously kuchh kala hai !!

303: Anup Bishnoi

The impossible has happened. Bishnoi has gotten weirder. None of us can quite pinpoint the start of his descent into randomness (he calls it an ascent, and we, since we are used to it now, put him off with a wry smile.) Maybe it was Inter Hall Choreo. Or maybe it was the brickbats that KGP Explained Season 2 has earned him. Now he has a flute and a small jhola for company. Neither of which do any good for those around him. Bishnoi once again would beg to differ, as of course he is “the pied piper of KGP”. A commendable achievement for him is graduating without a single F. Till last year the rest of the wing had a lot of money riding on him to be the last one to graduate. That fund has now been wisely dissolved.

PS: He makes stuff. Up.

305: Apurv Gupta

At this moment it is not possible for us to write anything about Apurv, since the time he spends off stage or practicing for events, the only person he talks to is in Hyderabad.


But we are obliged to try. Let me try and list all known facts about Apurv.

He can sing.

He has a girlfriend.

He can do Abhishek Bachchan on stage (do as in impersonate :P)

He has a girlfriend.

His girlfriend lives in Hyderabad, works in Deloitte, and visits him in KGP once a month.

See that’s what happens when you talk on the phone through your waking moments and piss people off. We screw your wing writeup :D.

PS: He won the Alumni Cup from the Gymkhana, the Best Social and cultural from the hall. And has 6 Inter Hall medals this year. But who cares….. He has a girlfriend for GOD’s sake!

306: S V V S G S Raju

A year has passed and Sagi Veera Venkata Satya Ganapathy Subrahmanya Raju’s name hasn’t gotten any shorter. Damn. Double damn for all the second years.

Although he has shown a tendency to get fatter and crankier, we know what cools him down now. Jack Bauer. Yes, you read it right. (I hope I got the spelling right. I’ve heard he breaks people’s fingers just for that.) Sagi once went on a 24 spree that lasted a week, and had the rest of the wing wondering how long it was before he beat the crap out of one of us. Practice, you see. Thankfully Jack Bauer stayed inside the monitor. And Sagi emerged a happier man.

Has taken a liking to 2.2s. Well, once every week at least. Or wait, is it two weeks? Bah, trivial details. Sagi runs. Period.

Sagi also draws and paints and sketches and models. And he does it pretty darn well too. Spectra folk would vouch for that.

We as his wingies vouch that whenever we need a place to party, Sagi will lend us his private island (no kidding, the guy already has one, complete with obligatory palm trees and shack.) We also vouch that his mom makes the bestest fried prawns in the galaxy. 😀

PS: Little secret, Raju andar se haraami hai. 😛

307: Swapnil Sahu

The thing about Swapnil is, there are more people enquiring about his whereabouts than any single person in the hall. Why? Because he doesn’t have a cycle. For his own that is. Other cycles he has aplenty. First and second years are his favourites. They are the youngest and best to ride. Ermmm…..the cycles. The cycles are best to ride. Last we checked he had a wide variety of keys on his table. By his own admission he doesn’t know which cycles those belong too.

Apart from his fetish for cycles, this guy can dance. Oh boy can he dance. Rumours abound that he even dances in his sleep. And on top of it all he has a girlfriend. She has been visiting KGP too. (Yeah the rest of our wing is sad that way. We just have each other. Or Myth.)

Sahu’s life is more like a bollywood movie than any other person we know. Or at least he tells us so. After a couple of drinks that is.

PS: All the keys, the ones on his table, they tell a story, a story of Citibikes lost, and Razors broken. Ask him some day.

308: D Sri Harsha

A year on, and the three most dreaded letters in Harsha’s life have changed. From B, T, and P to M, T, and P.

We mentioned that the wing had a bet running on Bish graduating last. It might be prudent for the bankers among us to get that bet going for Harsha. The only time he is unnaturally quiet is when he takes infinite load. The only time he takes infinite load is when the letters M T P are uttered, in that order. Apart from that life is huha peace. Wiki page, youtube, tech gossip, Harsha always has the latest bytes from everywhere. And is always ready with those bytes, even when people around don’t need it :P. A fact that we have uncovered over the past year is that he is socially challenged. Can’t put a sentence together in front of girls for nuts. Put him in a quiz team, though, and you have mindfuck.

PS: Funny story – Oh we had a funny story for Harsha … but he thought that would be too embarrassing, so we had to remove it. Tch Tch !!

309: Shiv Prakash Upadhyay

Axiom of life 1: Chacha ko chai pasand hai. He will do literally anything for it. Instances of him bullying his hapless depmates to come to Bhasky at 2 in the afternoon, in the middle of summer have surfaced. He has also gotten wing mates returning from Sher-e-Punjab to abandon sleep at 6 in the morning and dragged them to Bhasky. Hopefully CIL has loads of tea. Otherwise its going to be a very short trip.

Axiom of life 2: Ek Chachi hai jo chacha ko pasand karti hai. This news is fresh of the rumor mill folks, so don’t tell anyone yet. 😛

Axiom of life 3: Chacha Tarzan ban chuka hai. Eye witness accounts place Chacha on top of a branch of the tree in front of Frusst corner at 1 in the morning shouting “AAaaiiiiiiiiyaaaaaiiiiaaaaaaaaa” (Amresh was dumbstruck for once). It is reported that eyewitnesses could not string together words to describe the event, settling instead for the faraway look in their eyes, which one sees when commonly confronted with the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

310: Kumar Ritwik

Since Ritwik wormed his way to the centre of last years wing write-up, we have decided not to write anything for him.

On second thought he probably would send in an entire page about himself if told to. So to spare all of you the torture of wading through an entire page, here are a few words.

Ritwik has gone the girly way in the final semester, spending half of his waking moments in CCD, in a vain attempt to thin himself. He has also vigorously denied any associations with members of the opposite sex, instead proclaiming to the world his undying love for Myth. (Myth replied: Get in line.) After his failed attempts as Rao Da to get the wing to Goa, and instead settling for a Go Goa themed Wing treat, Rao Da has relinquished economic control over the wing. The result has been utter chaos. Apurv has managed to blow all of his GE and GATE money. Myth’s Barcap money went up in smoke. And wing trips generally got more chaotic, with everyone ending up owing money to each other. Not an ideal world. And to top it all off, the hall has gone and given him the Best Outgoing award. Another trophy for him to cuddle up to. Well maybe that will get his hands away from Myth.

What has the world come to?

PS: In spite of reports to the contrary, Keeda apni bandi ke saath ghoom raha tha. Sahi mein.


The Debate

It’s that time of the year again in KGP. A time when “poltu” is the buzzword on campus, when formals are the in thing, and SN hall day is an excuse t get into the girls hostel. Amidst all this, there is always an undercurrent of factionalism, the “pacts”. It was when I posted the link to a Scholars’ Avenue poll : “Is it possible to have fair and “pactless” elections in Kgp?” that the shit hit the fan. For all those who are added on my facebook friend list here is the link to the full debate. For the others, I am posting a few of the quotes below.

“Why do u need logic behind pacts … its elections … get real … and no this is not an election for selection the head boy / head girl of “hip hip hurray” … real elections have coalitions, so does this..”

“”People with common aims band together”. Is that what a pact is? Is hall sentiment really representative of the sentiments of its every resident? If so, then yes, that’s what a pact is. A pact is an entire hall voting for a single set of candidates. Law of nature? Really? I’m not commenting on whether a pactless election is feasible – I’m merely refuting the fact that pacts are a manifestation of the “birds of a feather…” syndrome.” Continue reading