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Why Manchester United will still be a threat without Ronaldo

I might be going overboard with all the pre season hype and be forced to eat my words later, but eh what the heck.

So after all the hype about how Ronaldo (I still havent gotten around to calling him slave) made the club richer, and how SAF seems to be stuffing all the money down a deep dark hole somewhere (insert cartoon of old man with sack here), I still think we have a pretty good shot at the title this year. Why, you ask?

1. Owen seems to be looking good, and (I pray to thee O Lord) able to play more than one game in a month. And of course, there is no doubt about the fact that he is a good striker, when hes not on the bench nursing one of his innumerable injuries.
2. Ronaldo replacement Antonio Valencia has given a good account of himself, and looks set to be able to meet right flank requirements.
3. Berba seems to be running a lot more than last year.
4. Giggs (incredibly) seems to have another year of soccer up his sleeve (or wherever hes getting all that energy from)
5. Rooney is still God.
6. Gibson and Carrick seem to be forming a good partnership in midfield.
7. Anderson has scored. Yay!
8. Nani is still pissed at being left on the bench.
9. The kids ie Tosic, Macheda, the Rafael twins, Evans, Cleverly (whos that you ask?) seem to be well fed and in their nappies. Ok I was a little strong on that, they seem to be decent players, and ready to put in real strong contributions.
10. Liverpool will still shoot themselves in the foot, and Rafa will pull the trigger.
11. Arsenal is phhhbbbtt.
12. Chelsea is, well, Chelsea.
13. And We Are United, and we value the badge more than the player. Which Real Madrid doesnt seem to understand anyway.

This Sundays Charity shield with Chelsea should be a cracker.

14. Manchester Citeh must die. I mean seriously, they will be in the top 4 this season (tries hard to keep a straight face, and fails) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!