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In Hindi

कड़वा सच है जिंदगी
हम पूछें इससे ज़रा
क्या मिलेगी वह हमे कभी?

(Inspired by Sharad Sen Sharma’s http://s3kavita.blogspot.com)


It is night. A …

It is night. A few stars shine above us. Solitary. Insignificant. 
Our eyes are locked in embrace. Us. Now. 
The world moves, twists, turns around us. We are ourselves, one, the center of our own universe.
This is our moment.
And yet, it is only a moment.

The Song

And he sang to her through the night,

Of lands wondrous, across the blue seas,

Of the heavens above, studded with stars,

Of the soft breeze rustling through her hair,

Of an angel’s lips on his cheek,

Of times gone by, both melancholy and gay,

Of lonely times yet to come,

And of lives lived and maybe yet to be lived.

And so the song ended,

As a soft golden dawn broke.

A smile came upon her lips,

and a tear rolled down his cheek.


A wooden bench, old but still sturdy, on a hill.

A hill, with vast expanses of green, and a view.

A view of a lake, calm in the winter morning, a stray ripple disturbing its surface.

A ripple, fleeting yet sure, mirroring first light.

First light, peeking through the clouds, onto a dewdrop.

A dewdrop, glittering now, on  a blade of grass

A blade that shuddered in the slight breeze.

The breeze which whisked her hair from in front of her blue eyes

Blue eyes, deeper than the lake which she looked down upon,

As she sat on the wooden bench, old but still sturdy.


I can still recall

I can still recall
the twinkle in your eyes
the twitch of your nose
the curl of your lips.

I can still recall
the sunshine in your hair
the sound of your laugh
the touch of your hand.

I can still recall
the smiles we shared
the walks we took
the moments of bliss.

I can still recall
Your every move
Your every word
Your every breath.