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You know when your heart does that weird thing where it jumps up into your neck and kind of sits there, refusing to go down again?
And suddenly your lungs seem to be in a tearing hurry to abandon your bodily cavities?
And the muscles in your face choose that exact moment to start rearanging themselves turning your smile into a half ass lopsided grin?

Well this happens every time I talk to you.


I can still recall

I can still recall
the twinkle in your eyes
the twitch of your nose
the curl of your lips.

I can still recall
the sunshine in your hair
the sound of your laugh
the touch of your hand.

I can still recall
the smiles we shared
the walks we took
the moments of bliss.

I can still recall
Your every move
Your every word
Your every breath.


The full moon sang a swan song
and the wind sifted through trees,
A musty smell sprang up from the ground,
and i drunk life to its lees.

My thoughts drifted and settled,
as the stars twinkled and mellowed.
I stared up at the night sky,
the moon looked ready to cry.

The pain in my heart gushed forth,
a million needles pricked
I lay back as dark clouds slipped past,
whispering secrets to the sky.

The touch of her face caressed my thoughts,
and the pages of my memory,
pressed together,
were torn apart.

Despair coursed through me,
Anguish I had never felt,
A solitary tear dropped to the ground,
And then,
It rained.

War And Pieces

A thousand shields glinted
A Thousand spears clanked
A thousand hearts pounded
A thousand thousand breaths waitd.
For a single cry.

A lone sword arose in the ranks
A shrill call split the air
And it began.

A zillion arrows blotted out the sun
As battle raged
Blood flowed like a river in spate,
Death was the epitome of life
The cries of battle lessened
As bodies fell.
And the earth shrank from the madness.

Finally A horn blew.
Dusk Descended
And the dead were counted.

The dawn was crimson,
As the conquerors looked upon the battlefield.
The conquered lay vanquished
And the horizon cringed upon a sea of death.

The victor raised his sword
And Pierced his heart.

Poring over the past………..

I wrote this one for our magazine in school..We were given a choice to write on either the past or the future…..I dont know why i chose the past…..but it just clicked….Maybe it was because the past is always something you want to leave behind and not think about…maybe its because remembering what happened years ago is sometimes very painful.But reflection is a way to get to know yourself better. The past is dead and buried and nobody can change that, but to totally ignore a part of our lives is definitely not the way to go..

As misty as a winter morn.
Images in black and white
Come streaming back.
The unseen hand moulds and crafts,
As trials and tribulations leave their mark.
Yesterday has come and gone,
Experience is it’s only reward.
Time Flows.
Dusk descends.
A new day begins.

heres sumthin i wrote when i ws feelin nostalgic about school…..

Through the looking glass……..

Come streaming back,
As I look through the window into the past.
Yesterday is a portrait,
Splashed onto the canvas of the mind,
Baring everything,
For all to see.

I look back and try to remember.
A child looks up,
From the cauldron of recollections.
A face wrought with uncertainty,
Unsure of the world he is being thrust into,
Clutching desperately at loved ones….
A face looms over,
A visage of love,
And holds his hand.
The journey has begun.

Five years hence.
The child has grown.
Boundless energy,
Waiting to be channeled.
Uncertainty replaced by surety.
Awaiting another transition.

Four years pass.
We see him again..
The change is palpable,
Adolescence is evident.
Surety paves the way for confidence.
And then he knows….
He has changed.

The journey nears its end,
A chapter draws to its close.
He readies for a final farewell,
Realizing what he has to abandon.
The world beckons,
And as he strides out with poise,
He comprehends,
All he has now are memories….
Pressed between the folds of his mind,
To cherish forever.
And ever.