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The question

I’ve always wondered why train journeys bring out all the reflective qualities in people. Is there just something in watching the countryside whiz by, that sets the thought process rolling? Or is it the concept of a journey in itself that is unsettling?
It was one of any number of innumerable journeys from Calcutta to KGP, in as much as it wasn’t special in any way, other than that I wasn’t alone. I was listening to some music, trying to get some shut eye, and not be a nuisance to anyone in general, when this gentleman, ( an acquaintance of mine that we will refer to as B ) pointedly pulled out one of my earphones and embarked upon a tirade, the point of which was trying to convince me that being unusual should be the norm.

I didn’t exactly want to be drawn into the debate, mostly because I had been through this with him before. But something about the trains rhythmic motion made me join in.

B talked about the importance of being unconventional in life. Apparently he was unhappy with the fact that everyone else was normal. (!) And he also couldn’t figure out how I could be happy with the life I had. His version – “Your life is on autopilot, you don’t make any decisions”. (Well, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t but I certainly didn’t want to be told about it by him)

A discussion followed about pushing your limits, if only to find out where you stand. About not only being in the drivers seat, but using the gears as well. About taking control. About being in the minority. “It’s good if you have enemies, it just goes to prove that you have stood up for something somewhere sometime in your life”

I’m someone who has never questioned how my life has gone so far. Is it a good thing? Have I been losing out on knowing myself just because I haven’t pushed myself hard enough? Again, I’d like to think that there are variations to the ways a person pushes himself. The question is choice. Individuals are “individual” because they have the awesome power of choice, and none of us can claim to know enough about another to judge him completely.

Disturb Yourself – B

Introduce a little anarchy – The Joker

Similarity? 😛

Not one of my best posts, but I’d appreciate comments on B’s concept.