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How do you pass the time when youre on a long train journey with no company?

1. Sleep: First choice for me, but unsuitable for those who are averse to cramped spaces, incessant jerks, and a constant “chug chug” sound. But for those who can brave this, a nightout the day before and an upper berth makes for  a perfect combination.
2. Read: But again theres only so much of your reading that you can catch u on when the book and you are moving on two disjoint axes.
3. Music: An iPod can be a godsend, (I typed much of this on mine 😛 in hour 1 of my lonely trip back to KGP)
4. Ogle: Statutory warning: can cause risk to life and limb. Also severely restricted by the random selection of travelmates you have around you (I somehow always seem to end up with families, and no there are never any pretty girls around.  :|)
For those who want to give this a shot and want a strictly algorithmic approach, read Vinayak’s blog. He doesnt have a post dedicated to this, but the way he approaches the vagaries of life (taking a crap, chappals and the like) should give you some inspiration. To add my two cents read this/
5. Text random people: The girl you’re eyeing in college. The chaddi dost you havent talked to in a while, Random cousin. Hot female you met on internship. The guy on the next seat. Whoever. Its fun.
6. Write: Its what I did :).
7. Sudoku! Carry the days newspaper along. Sure fire way to spend an hour.

any more ideas on how to spend time are welcome.